The Nomad Story

So, you made it to my ‘About’ page!

I’ve always wondered if people even have the time to read these often forgotten about section of websites. Perhaps I am the only person on Earth or the entire universe that wants to know more about the small businesses I support whole-heartedly.

Well, you’ve made it this far, so you may as well read the rest. You’re reading the ramblings of Mel, the South Australian creator of Nomad Candle Co. This happy venture is a blog of life’s experiences and an all-round destination to purchase some deliciously, fragrant fire pets, better known as candles. šŸ˜‰

I suppose the journey has been rather simple really. I was a candle addict in my younger years and mum was always afraid I’d burn the house down. When I was old enough to live somewhat independently of the folks I went candle crazy. I mean, I could have done away with all of the lights in the house – that kind of crazy!

Since the age of 19 I have moved around that often that heck, I can’t even remember how many houses I have excitedly moved into and hated moving out of. I became accustomed to this nomadic way of living that it became a part of me and my every existence and somehow now I am here, back home and making candles, years later.

Happy Little Nomad and later Nomad Candle Co. came about, with an eagerness to fulfil this journey by sending my Nomads on adventures around this bloody great country we live in and quite a few have now seen some pretty rad sights overseas.

Each and every Nomad Candle Co. Candle is hand poured in my home studio with so much love that the fragrance is just about good enough to eat*.

* Disclaimer: Don’t actually do that though. I could venture off track toĀ a story when I was in high school about a deliciously smelling strawberry Lipsmacker and a dare, but I’ll let you work that out. Surely something I don’t need to add to the warning labels on the base of my candles!

Anyway, now I have cleared that up, my little Nomads are filled with the perfect blend of soy wax and high-grade fragrances. One of the other good for the soul things about these candles is that they won’t cost you a house deposit to buy, and you can even have them refilled once your beloved nomad runs out. Ā You ripper!

Thanks forĀ supporting my small business and helping my Nomads migrate around Australia. Come and join the journey on Facebook and Instagram.

#nomadcandleco #nomadcandles

Love and light (pun intended),

Mel xx

2 thoughts on “The Nomad Story

  1. Hey iā€™ve seen yOur product pop up a few times and would love to sell your candles, i Own the good pantry in Gumeracha and we are beginning to build ouR retail store.

  2. We love having nomadā€™s in pebble & palm Interiors, mel is so gorgeous to work with. our customer are repeat buyers they love them as much as we do. xx

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