Enjoy our hand poured, triple-scented fragrances


New Releases

Apricot Tea

An aromatic infusion of white and silver tip teas steeped with sunny apricot, sweet nectarine and crushed jasmine sweetened with a touch of orange blossom honey.

Ginger + Peach

Sparkling prosecco wine infused with elements of shimmering grapefruit zest, stirred with delicious peach nectar and a splash of ginger-infused vodka.

 Lily + Jasmine 

Lush, leafy greens reveal wild lily flowers, sweet lilac and breezy jonquil amid brilliant daisy blossom, heady jasmine, blushed freesia and wild ivy.

Roasted Coffee

This fragrance perfectly captures the essence of piping hot, dark roast coffee with an energising, crisp top and rich espresso base.

Watermelon Basil

Sweet, ripe summer watermelon stirred with fresh picked basil leaves and touches of wild cilantro doused in citrus lime and aspects of green pepper.


A light musk base with sweet floral notes of jasmine, violet, and peony, with light top notes of mandarin and bergamot. A subtle aroma that will emit a gentle fragrance in any space.

Original Range

Ambered Sandalwood

Light musk, patchouli, and vanilla blend with sandalwood, jasmine, and concord grape, with top notes of bergamot and grapefruit to create this lightly warm fragrance. Channelling Bali vibes.

Coconut & Lime

A luscious blend of juicy citrus fruits such as lemon and lime on a delicate heart of creamy coconut and fresh florals. Vanilla notes and sandalwood round out the blend. Dreaming of tropical island escapes.

Fig & Cassis

Luscious fresh fig notes are highlighted by sparkling cassis and green vines.

French Pear

The true layered pear captures the natural scent of the brandied sweet pears! A traditional favourite.

Lychee & Black Tea

The delicate aroma of black tea complimented by the sweet, tart contrast of the exotic lychee fruit makes this fragrance a bold and uplifting fragrance.

Moroccan Amber

This exotic fragrance is a beautifully blended concoction of mint, apple, clove, geranium, cinnamon and eucalyptus with bottom notes of vanilla, patchouli, wood and musk.


Pink petals of peony combined with wild rose, African violets and Carolina jasmine in this classic floral fragrance.

Sweet Pea & Vanilla

Sweet pea and vanilla has fruity top notes of melon, lemon and almond supported by violet, sweet pea and leafy green rounded out with raspberry, vanilla and light musk. A gorgeous fragrance.

Uluwatu Sunset

Vanilla bean and light musk create a base for creamy coconut milk, jasmine, grated cinnamon, clove bud and sheer white florals with sparkling grapefruit top notes. Smells like a tropical island escape.