The Nomad Candle Co Journey

When I began my little venture in mid 2015, I never expected it to take off the way it did. Apparently people like candles. To be honest, I was a little unprepared. Working as a full-time teacher during the day and usually the night (#teacherlife), it was tricky to juggle a new business.

Never one to back down from anything, with a mind filled with determination, somehow the first version of this business venture, Happy Little Nomad became more than a funny name, it was a vision, an alter ego, and a brand.

For over a decade, I have moved house countless times, but still wouldn’t label myself a professional. Eventually, moving and changing became a part of me and a way of life. I started to see it as an adventure, carelessly living each day in the moment. I had this urge to be an explorer of life. This life. My life. With it brought a happiness that I didn’t know I had been searching for.

I rekindled my love of making candles after dabbling in it when I was younger. I thought of them as my nomads. My Happy Little Nomads. Venturing off to the unknown, when I could not. It’s a heart-warming thought to think that my candles have homes in almost every state in Australia and have enjoyed journeys to Canada and England.

I hope that you join and enjoy this journey with me. It’s a pretty magical adventure.

Love and light,

Mel a.k.a The Happy Little Nomad of Nomad Candle Co.

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